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How many bills do you send each month?


Modern billing features for a changing world.

Not all billing systems are created equal. Paydici was designed with one thing in mind—innovative solutions for the future.


Let your customers set it and forget it. Scheduling payments is easy to setup with our online customer portal.


Our full service AR system makes billing and payment processing a breeze by interfacing directly with your accounting data.

in the cloud

No more running back to the office for a billing emergency. Manage your whole billing process from any computer with an internet connection.

late notices

Collecting overdue payments can be a painful process. We make it easier by allowing you to send late notices from Paydici via mail.

flyers + inserts

Have a customer announcement you want to share? Why not send it with their next bill as an insert or email attachment?

paperless billing

Shifting your customers to paperless billing is easier than ever with Paydici. We help them transition at their own pace while you sit back and relax.

mobile ready

Paydici is easy to access on tablet or smartphone, making it convenient for your customers to make payments on the go.

bank transfer

Getting paid has never been easier. No matter what the form of payment from your customer, you’ll receive daily electronic deposits directly to your bank account.