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New Flexible Autopay

May 12, 2014

You asked for it. We delivered: Flexible autopay.

New Autopay Setup

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from users about how they want to manage automatic payments. We’re pleased to announce our new, flexible autopay in response, giving the billpayer much more control over payments. When you login to your Paydici account, you’ll now see the new flexible autopay features, including the ability to:

  • Set a specific payment amount or choose to pay your entire balance
  • Select a preferred payment method
  • Select the date for your first automatic payment and see when future payments will be scheduled
  • Set the frequency: Monthly, Weekly, Annually and how often you’d like it to repeat (for example, monthly: every 3 months, weekly: every 2 weeks or annually: every 1 year.)
Turning on flexible autopay

It’s never been easier to turn on autopay! Simply login to your Paydici account at and click the “ON” switch, just above your ledger.

Follow the steps to select the payment amount, add or select a payment method and billing information, and set the frequency that works best for you. We’ll display the next 3 automatic payments based on the schedule you select, and confirm the total payment amount.

Updating autopay settings

If you’re already using autopay and would like to update your settings to take advantage of flexible autopay, simply login to your Paydici account and click “Edit Autopay Settings”. Confirm the amount, preferred payment method, start date and frequency for your automatic payments and click “Save settings” at the bottom of the page.

Paydici’s new flexible autopay puts the control in your hands. Try scheduling your automatic payments to coincide with your payroll schedule, or any other schedule you choose, and let Paydici handle the rest!

Please note that Paydici’s flexible autopay does not affect the due date set by your service provider. For more details about Paydici’s flexible autopay, contact or your service provider directly.

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